BMC Ride Crew

Cycling Is Life

The BMC Ride Crew lives to ride. A collection of thrill-seeking athletes who know what it means to suffer on the bike whilst at the same time enjoying everything life on two wheels has to offer. Across all disciplines from road and fixie to gravel and MTB, our Crew represent the pinnacle of their sport. From winning world tours and Olympic medals to racing endurance gravel events and World Record attempts, our Ride Crew are passionate, inspirational and a powerful reminder of how to make the most of every adventure.

Legend - Fabian Cancellara


Icon is a word that gets thrown around a lot in cycling, but if there is one person it irrefutably applies to then it’s Fabian Cancellara. Nothing more to say here.

Legend - Cadel Evans


Cadel Lee Evans doesn't need an introduction. The impressive palmarès, including the 2011 Tour de France title, of the legendary rider speaks for itself.

Legend - Alessandro Ballan


The former Italian professional for the BMC Racing Team has had an impressive career. "Bontempino" established himself as a leading spring classics contender and is best known for winning the World Road Race Championships, in 2008.

Legend - Julien Absalon


One of XC Mountain Biking's all-time greatest athletes. If two Olympic titles weren’t enough, the French rider cemented his legends status with five World Championship wins.

Legend - Patrick Seabase


The professional athlete from Switzerland takes minimalism to a super speed maximum. Bending what was thought possible on a fixed gear bike and defining a discipline.

Legend - Greg Van Avermaet


Olympic Champion, Paris-Roubaix conqueror and two-time stage winner in the Tour de France, Greg Van Avermaet explores the gravel cycling scene after his retirement from road cycling. Greg wouldn’t be Greg if he does not want to win - also on gravel.


Ulrich Bartholmoes | Germany / Spain | @ubartholomoes

Tristan Cardew | Australia / Spain | @tristantakephoto

Nils Correvon | Switzerland | @nils.crrvn

Anna Kollmann-Suhr | Austria / Canada | @annakollmannsuhr

Mayalen Noriega Belauste | Spain | @maiafish

Nationals (Europe)

Oliver Andorfer | Austria | @ollenstein

Sebastien Cogne | France

Severine Da Costa | France | @sev_dacosta

Martin Granadia | Austria | @martin.granadia

Catalina Lobo | Spain | @kta_wolf

Dalia Muccioli | Italy | @mucciolidalia

Anthony Richelot | Switzerland | @nthnyrchlt

Denise Schindler | Germany | @denise_schindler

Chris Tonge | Spain | @christonge

Jeremy Van Horebeek | Belgium | @jeremyvanhorebeek

Nationals (North America)

Brent Bookwalter | USA | @brentbookwalter

Michael Garrison | USA | @michael_garrison

Anna Hulse | USA | @anna_hulse

Katie Isermann | USA | @kat9taz

Andrew Lydic | USA / Spain | @andy.lydic

Rachel McBride | Canada | @rachelmcb

Chris Meacham | USA | @chrismeacham

Leah Sanda | USA | @lrsanda

Starla Teddergreen | USA | @starlat

Nick Weighall | USA | @weighall

Automatic ABUS | USA | @automatic_abus

REIGN Storm Racing | USA | @reignstormracing